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Trailer for a Aqua Patio AP200BC3

I just bought a used 2014 Aqua Patio AP200BC3 with the Yamaha 115hp. Owner did not have a trailer. I need to know the specifications for a trailer for this boat. The distance from the front of the deck to the rear of the pontoons is 20 feet. I'm thinking I need a trailer with the a distance of 20 feet from the forward stop bar (terminology ?) to the rear of the bunks. I've found one with the right dimensions but it only a single axle. Do I need tandem axles? 95% of my trailering will be about 200 yards from the boat storage shed to the ramp and back. However, I do envision dragging the boat 200 miles to another lake every now and then. 

Thanks for the help.
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