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Model # and specifications

I recently purchased a 1993 Sweetwater pontoon that is in very good condition, but with some minor issues expected for its age. I am in search of model # and any other tech spec info, as the console info is sun worn and faded. The HID number is: GDY3042CB393. Thank you for any consideration.


  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Member Posts: 137 admin
    @tkokopelli ...checking to see what info we can dig up...
  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Member Posts: 137 admin

    This boat is a Sweetwater 2019 with 22” tube upgrade.  Tube length 20’ diameter 22” Deck length 19’ weight 1600lbs.  11/1565 capacity  75 max hp. 

  • tkokopellitkokopelli Member Posts: 1

    Thank you for the information. We look forward to many more years of use from this well built boat!

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