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2018 2286 Fuel Vent Issue?

proftomda Member Posts: 6
Just purchased a 2018 2286.  I tried to add fuel yesterday and when I unscrewed the fuel cap, I was sprayed in the face with fuel coming out of the tank.  Tank was 1/4 full at he time.  So my question is twofold.  Has this ever happened to anyone else?  Where is the fuel tank vent located?  I believe I have a vent issue but not sure where the vent is located.   Thank youi  


  • SweetTriHull
    SweetTriHull Member Posts: 1
    I too have a Fuel Venting issue with my recently purchased 2018 2086SB (new in late 2019).  My problem is not getting sprayed in the face opening the gas cap, but putting gas in and having it slowly leak back out at various times during the fill operation (think 20+ minutes to half fill the tank).  Once it sounded like a toilet being flushed, when pressure was obviously released from somewhere, but did not last long.  The initial fill had taken place when purchased. I'd like to think it might be related to the EPA Carbon Canister (emissions control?) under the rear seat that none of my prior 5 boats had installed.  I looked up the canister info on the web but does not speak of the correct operation of the coin operated venting mechanism that sits to the right of the gas cap.  Turn left?  Turn right?  How far?  Is this the only user option to address the venting issue?  Nothing in the boat user manual addresses this, and the dealer I purchased the boat from was unfamiliar with it. 
  • LakeLivin
    LakeLivin Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2016 Sweetwater Premium with the same issue and cannot seem to put gas in the boat without it leaking out the fill port after putting hardly any gas in the tank.  I recently replaced my gas cap with what I believe is the exact replacement but the problem seemed to start after this.  I  also don't know how the vent cap should be set but I did open the vent line by taking the cap off the line just inside the boat and got a little hiss of pressure.  I also noticed gas in this line right up to the air reservoir from where I took the cap off. 

    Did you happen to find any information on this issue?  Any idea if it's a vent issue?

  • kelmich
    kelmich Member Posts: 1
    Hi. I have a 2017 2086 Sweetwater pontoon.  I'm having the same issue as described above.  I get sprayed with fuel when I remove the fuel cap.  Then I am unable to re-fuel.  The is my third summer with pontoon and have not had this problem before.  Anyone have an idea what I need to do to fix it?
  • tnikles
    tnikles Member Posts: 9
    I have a 2003 model and having the same problem
    I have not seen any solutions so far
  • cjjensen
    cjjensen Member Posts: 3
    edited November 2022
    2015 Aqua Patio is having same issue in California, takes 40 minutes to fill tank……no one seem to know why or how to correct the issue.
  • nick
    nick Member Posts: 2
    I figured it out! After paying big bucks to have the carbon vapor filter replaced on my 2015 Sweetwater, I found the hose running from the filler cap to the tank had drooped down in two places causing P traps in the line. I could not fuel it as these restrictions were causing the gas to collect and obstruct its flow to the tank. We simply took off one aluminum panel on the port side toward the stern and saw the hose. One can reach in and pull the hose upward and strap and screw with self threaders to eliminate the P trap effect. It works! Now the fuel runs through the hose into the tank.