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No Boating Summer

I'm 75 years old and never experienced what is now our current reality. I was in college during the tense Cuban Missle Crisis and I was in the US Army during the Vietnam War. That said, this current "pandemic" is more stressfull. Our marina at Lake Nockamixon is currently closed as is our dealer who stores, maintains and launches our boat. My sense of this situationis that we may not have any boating season this year or be able to vacation at the New Jersey shore. Very sad . . . But staying well is the first priority!


  • MollyAdmin
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    Thanks for being such a great supporter, Gil! We can't wait until everyone can get back on the water! - Your Godfrey Family
  • Gilmon
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    I appreciated your email response.
    Thank you, Gil 
    Stay safe!
  • Gilmon
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    So, despite being in a "red zone" here in SE PA the state park and marina we use will reopen on May 8th. The restrooms will be closed until further notice which is problematic for many marina users. That said, I don't think it is safe or smart to go at this time. My toon boat will stay shrink wrapped on the hard for now. My concern is that the rush to reopen stuff will create a resurgence of this disease and set us all back. I hope I am wrong!