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Honda 250 mounting location

I have a new, (6months old) 2019 23’ sweet water tritioon with a Honda 250, my top speed is 30mph, 5600 rpm, 3 adults 3 kids onboard. And full speed it looks like I’m  throwing a lot of turbulence out. I’m wondering if the engine is in the right position.  I’m mounted in the highest position. I don’t think the guys I bought it from had a clue stewing this up.


  • moomba
    moomba Member Posts: 3
    Welcome to Godfrey/Sweetwater lack of customer service.  I had a 2013 2286 ( 2 toons) and now have a 2019 2186 ( 2 toons) with a 115 yamaha.  I have a 20" shaft on it and I can't utilize hardly any trim or turn very well without the prop ventilating.  I lowered the motor to the lowest setting myself as it came next to the top.  I think it needs a 25" shaft at the highest setting but you will never get a reply from Godfrey.  I had the same issue on both boats.  The only thing I can say is I get just over 30mph with only a 115 on a gps so it is close.  I am tempted to put a shaft extension kit on and or a "pontoon prop" but you would think Godfrey would help as they should do the research and testing on their product.  This will be my "Last" Godfrey boat.
  • Skiman
    Skiman Member Posts: 11
    You should get more than 30 mph out of a 250 on a tri toon. I had a 2086 with a 50 hp Mercury CT and could get 18-20 mph on a calm day. Does it have lifting strakes? I took video and complained to the dealer and Godfrey for several months and they ended up swapping my pontoon out with the next upgraded model. I paid for a few more options and kept my motor, but it seems ok now. Mine was doing something similar. It had a lot of splash around the motor. They said it was too low in the water. Be sure to do it while it’s under warranty. 

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