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Seeking Mooring Cover for 2007 Sanpan 2500FE

We just purchased this boat and sadly it did not come with the mooring cover. The snaps are all installed under the rails, so it obviously had one at one time. It came out of California, so I suspect sun rot took it. Now that it's in Oregon, we'll treat it more gently. That being said, either I can find one on a forum like this, or I might have to have one custom made. Advice?


  • TomE
    TomE Member Posts: 19
    Ok, no response even from Godfrey. So, I took the bull by the horns and engaged the services of a local car and boat upholstery guy to custom make one. See photo. He did a fantastic job and as an FYI he installed a zipper at the half way point. This allow the back half of the cover to be installed without wrestling with the front half at the same time. Then zip on the front half and complete the installation. Brilliant!
  • kevlegs
    kevlegs Member Posts: 2
    How much did that cost? I need one for my 1995 SW 2019 RE but am having zero luck so far.
  • TomE
    TomE Member Posts: 19
    Approximately $1500. That was for a 25' boat and yours is smaller, and I had him include the zipper across the middle which added a bit, although I would highly recommend that feature. I don't know where you are located, but this was done in Florence, OR. I would imagine you have some Top Shops nearby that can do the same thing. Good luck.
  • CraigModerator
    CraigModerator Member, Moderator Posts: 25
    Just sharing some of my experience here.  Having owned a number of boats over time, I have found that most "off-the-shelf" solutions to upholstery and cover related situations rarely works 100%.  Often it doesn't fit quite right, has quality issues or doesn't have snaps located in the original positions.  The best solution I have found is finding a good quality marine upholster in your area.  It's not if, its when you are going to need/want their services.  They make everything match and fit 100 percent.  They can even make a cover for your that works as a mooring cover AND a trailering/storage cover, just by adding tie-down straps.  Customizing the cover to suit your needs and budget is what they excel at.   Many owners think they will save money by purchasing an "off-the-shelf" product rather than use a marine upholsterer.  I have found it only costs you money in the long run compared to an often "I bought it, now I'll just make do" solution.