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Battery Problem

I have a new Sweet Water for about 2 months. Went to my slip after about a week and the battery was completely dead. I did not see any switches left on, radio etc. Dealer gave me a new one to swap out but they had no real ideas why it was drained. I did notice the nut at the ignition was loose but just thought that was just a coincidence.  Any ideas??


  • TomE
    TomE Member Posts: 19
    Your dealer should run a load tester on the battery. Something is looking for battery. In the interim, you should have a battery switch that will turn it off completely, and would be located near the battery.
  • springpeeper
    springpeeper Member Posts: 3
    Thanks. Any way the loose retention nut on the ignition could be a factor. The key was able to turn almost all the way around, not sure even with the key out it was stuck on accessory or something.