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Vinyl floor decking stain

hildahag Member Posts: 2
Hi!  We have a 2016 Sweetwater.  The decking outside the rail at the very front of the boat has a very large area that has a rust discoloration.  Looking online, it mentions that it could be from our anchor chain.  That could be a possibility as it is in the area we rest the chain when bringing in the anchor.  I have also been told it might be from sunscreen, but that seems unlikely to me.  If that is the problem, I am not aware of sunscreen being used on our boat, especially in that area.  Any suggestions how to (if it is possible) remove this stain?  I am attaching a couple pictures.  Thank you!  Becky


  • TomE
    TomE Member Posts: 19
    I'm not sure if it's related, but I had an issue with a 2016 Bennington where the vinyl stained and yellowed. It turned out there was a known defect in the manufacturing process where a final sealing coat was not applied to the vinyl. Bennington replaced the entire vinyl flooring under warranty. You might check with Godfrey.
  • hildahag
    hildahag Member Posts: 2
    Thank you so much for responding!  I sure appreciate it.  Sadly, we are out of warranty.   But it is something to consider!
  • TomE
    TomE Member Posts: 19
    If it's a manufacturers defect, it might still be covered. Might be worth checking out anyway.
  • Flitzer999
    Flitzer999 Member Posts: 6
    I try some Oxyclean and a scrub brush. Maybe even a magic eraser. These are two things that are pretty effective, but probably won’t cause any further damage. Looks like it’s on there pretty good though.
  • emmagreen
    emmagreen Member Posts: 4
    Try cleaning companies, you'd be surprised what kind of stains they can handle