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Long Term Storage? Fuel Prep?

Gilmon Member Posts: 18
Due to the pandemic, we decided not to put our 2018 Godfrey SW186C in the water this season. It is shrink wrapped and stored at my dealer since last fall. Last September I topped off the 18 gallon fuel tank and added stabilizer as usual. The tank is full of NON-ETHANOL gasoline.
Any thoughts on what needs to be done now to prepare it for another storage season?
Gil W.
2018 Godfrey Sweetwater 186C
2018 Mercury 20HP ELPT (lake limit)
Lake Nockamixon, Quakertown, PA

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  • Skiman
    Skiman Member Posts: 11
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    I always fill the tank with non-ethanol fuel, drain the VST, change filters and put the stabilizer in the fuel and run it for a few minutes along with all the other winterizing maintenance. I have never had an issue and it has been stored as long as 12 months.  I also shrink wrap with the “dry bags”. 


  • dgperaza
    dgperaza Member Posts: 11
    I think you’re ok to leave it until next season. My fuel stabilizer states it keeps gas useable for two years, so your’s is probably the same. Plus I know portions of my tank has contained 2-3 year old gas and I’ve never had a problem running it.
  • Gilmon
    Gilmon Member Posts: 18

    Thanks for the reply. You may be correct, but  I don't want to take any chances. I'm having my dealer, where it is stored,  run the engine on FRESH gas, winterize the engine again and pump my 18 gallon tank dry so we can start new next year. They will also install a zipper in the shrink wrap, check the inside and put in another "dry bag".
    This will cost me some bucks but my boat has only 2 seasons on it and it is pristine. I decided to spend the money, protect my investment and not worry about it.