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Fuse Box location 2020 Sweetwater Pontoon

alanc125 Member Posts: 4
 I am a first time pontoon owner, recently purchasing a 2020 Godfrey Sweetwater pontoon.  The USB port does not work  (need to check the 12 volt port (cigarette lighter to see if that is working) The manual does not show the fuse box location.   If it is a simple fuse issue I would rather fix it myself than take it in for warranty work.  The marina is busy enough. 


  • dgperaza
    dgperaza Member Posts: 11
    I have a 2020 Sweetwater also and I tried to use the USB to charge my phone and I noticed after I put the boat up for the day that my phone battery was low. Next time I use the boat I’m going to try one of the Accessory switches to see if it needs to be on for the USB to work. Let me know if you find the fuse or I’ll let you know if the Acc switch works. The manual is ancient and useless (sorry Godfrey).
  • alanc125
    alanc125 Member Posts: 4
    I have not found any fuses for my 2020 Sweetwater boat.  The USB ports do not work with or with out the ACC switch is on.   May wait until I have it winterized to have the shop fix this under warranty.   It would be nice to have this working now but I do not want to make an appointment for just this.
  • alanc125
    alanc125 Member Posts: 4
    I also have a 2020 Sweetwater pontoon boat that the USB port does not work.  I could not locate a fuse box .  I waited until I took the boat in for winterization and storage to have this issue looked at.  I will see what happens next summer when I get the boat back from the marina.  Loved the boat this year and we put 97 hours on it.
  • baylake22
    baylake22 Member Posts: 1
    So no fusebox on 2021 Sweetwater ?
    I hooked up my fully charged battery to ready my boat for summer.  All electric works except trim and engine start .  Might be a fuse but can’t find it !  Help !