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27” toons... is it better than Bennington or Crest 25” ? Shopping for my 1st pontoon $72K Monaco

Hello everybody !   I’m shopping for my first Pontoon  coming from a deck boat I know I wanna Trtoon 200 hp Godfrey Monaco I’m looking at has a 250 hp looks gorgeous but I’m nervous about warranty and cavitation problems to the point that I’m almost getting a Bennington G or a Crest Platinum.
 The Monaco looks absolutely gorgeous it’s also more expensive but because of the 250 hp Suzuki. $73,000 for the boat & trailer +  $1600 doc & prep 
Is that what you guys paid for? So appreciate in the feedback about the boat compared to Bennington and crest or any other brands that you know of with 25 inch toons !! 
Thanks in advance!!


  • ElDiabloJoe
    ElDiabloJoe Member Posts: 5
    Hiya Moulin6801.  You're gonna be pretty happy with that Godfrey you are looking at.  I have the 215C w 175hp Yammi, and I am very pleased with the performance and comfort of that boat, my first ever.  I did have some minor warranty issues (missing fence bolt, foam under seat upholstery had cupholders cut out, but no cupholders. Leaving it would eventually cause the seat upholstery to rip where those cupholder depressions were in the foam under the fabric.  My dealer fixed everything under warranty with no issues, no questions, and no static.  I was out the door with my 2020 27-in tube, full Bimini, center toon storage (no trailer) for $51K.  Sticker was of course much more, but since this was two months into Covid, I count myself lucky. Plus, the dealer had a few price drops as it was on his/her lot longer than they wanted.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
  • moulin6801
    moulin6801 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply!!