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Anyone have a go-to downrigger setup?

backerbb Member Posts: 6
I want to add an electric downrigger to my 2019 2286 FC on the stern port side deck.


  • CraigModerator
    CraigModerator Member, Moderator Posts: 25
    There are a number of good brands of downriggers out there.  Cannon, Scotty & Big Jon all come to mind.  All brands offer manual and electric operation models and have pretty good websites. 

    Cannon is part of the Johnson Outdoors family and offers a technology edge.  Humminbird is also part of that family and the company took advantage of that by having properly equipped Cannon downriggers (electric) communicate with specific models of Humminbird fish finders.  Some advantages are you can keep your bait a certain distance off the bottom even as the bottom level changes as the downriggers will automatically adjust as you're trolling, another is if you are trolling along and there is a sudden depth change or obstruction, the downriggers will come up automatically to avoid the situation,  The caveat is that this is only if you are using a Humminbird fishfinder that has this feature.

    Sharing my experience, I had a pair of manual Cannon downriggers with duel rod holders and I was very satisfied with the quality and operation of them.  I found that I preferred to operate them at around waist height, so I would probably consider using a railing mount.  If your preference is a deck mount, there are a number of mounting bases to accommodate that as well.  You may want to consider one of the pedestal mounts offered as it may make it a bit easier to operate the unit being raised up a bit off the deck instead of directly on the deck.  An option I would strongly recommend is adding a swivel mount to your base.  It helps bring the business end of the downrigger closer to you so you're not hanging off the edge of the boat trying to connect things.

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