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Godfrey Owner's Forum Rules - Please Read

MktgAdmin1 Administrator Posts: 9 admin

Administrators and/or Moderators will edit or delete any posts in violation of the following, and may warn, issue infractions, suspend or permanently ban any member for serious or repeated violations.

1. This is a family friendly site. The use of foul or insulting language or the posting of any material not judged suitable by the Administrator and Moderator Team is forbidden. Disagreements on any topic must be conducted in a polite manner using courteous language.
2. Political, religious or socially controversial topics are not allowed.
3. Do not post copyrighted material or request that anyone else violate copyright law.
4. Attacks (bashing) on any person, organization, company or other entity will not be permitted. Reporting experiences with any vendor, website or organization must be limited to facts. Unqualified attacks will be considered bashing.
5. Photos also need to be in good taste and family friendly.

6. If you have questions, concerns, suggestions or complaints about the rules, moderation, or management of this site please contact a moderator or the administrator via a private message for discussion. It is forbidden to debate these rules or their enforcement in the forum.

7. Please do not post to threads that have been inactive for more than 3 months unless you are the original poster. If you have a related question, please start a new thread of your own rather than hijacking an older post.


  • ironmikex1
    ironmikex1 Member Posts: 2
    Picke up my first Pontoon boat today. 2286 SW FS. Was surprised how well it handle in very choppy water. Has a Suzuki 140. 
  • bj12345
    bj12345 Member Posts: 2
    Our first Pontoon!  Used and uncleaned 2011 SeaRyder.  Has 2013 Suzuki 25 4Stroke, runs nice.  Looking forward to doing lots of cruising on the Harris Chain of Lakes.