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Talon SS4 Prop for VF115 SHO on Sweetwater 2286 SBX (repost )

Kapili Member Posts: 14
My first post:  I just bought a 2021 2286 sbx with a vmax 115, it came with an aluminum 135/8" x 14".  With this prop, 4 people on board, no trim, the rpm was 6400 and climbing.  I throttled back @6400 as the max rpm is 6300.  Speed was only 26.6 mph (very underwhelming for a tritoon boat),  no pull from 4000-6400 rpm.  I am doing research for another prop.

My second post:  The third tube is a 27" sport tube, all tubes have lifting strakes. I chose the VF115 for my 2021 Sweetwater 2286 SBX for cruising and water-sports activities; since the 150 was heavier and more expensive.  After much research, and discussion with my dealer, I purchased a Talon SS4 13.25 X16 prop. This is for cruising/tubing/waterskiing/fuel economy, and handling, we normally cruise around at 10-15 mph.  I hope to achieve about 5800-6000 rpm without trim; with trim 6100-6300rpm, and 30-34 mph. with 2 people and 3/4 fuel on board. The prop is on back order through the middle of April (from PartsVu), will post after water test.  Generally speaking, the diameter of a four-blade prop is smaller than that of a three-blade prop with the same pitch.   A smaller diameter prop helps a four-blade spin up quickly and allows the motor to rev as high as it would with a three-blade of comparable pitch (theoretically).  Craig mahalo for your response.


  • DeckerSP
    DeckerSP Member Posts: 1
    Just bought the same boat (just standard prop).  We are putting it in the water today and will begin break in.  The tech mounting the motor on Saturday said he just had a Bennington out with the same VMax 115 and hit 33...and expects similar speeds.  Am hopeful...also interested in more posts
  • Kapili
    Kapili Member Posts: 14
    Fantastic Decker. We love this boat!  What size prop do you have, where do you live?  Our boat came with a double canopy, am thinking of removing it since the stern bimini top gives enough shade (more drag, less speed). Hereʻs a shot of "Kapili" means bring together in Hawaiian.  Boat runs great in rough water-1-3ʻ seas.  I am curious on your performance.  Let me know how your boat did.  I bought a gps from Amazon since Kapili just came with a tach/hour meter only (single center center gauge, trim/fuel. gauges starboard of the tach.  Also, the bottom paint will reduce speed.  I donʻt care how fast the boat goes, but want to prop it correctly to get the best performance out of the Vnax 115SHO.  The talon SS4 is now scheduled to be shipped to me sometime next month.  Will keep everyone updated on the performance once I receive the prop.  No blow out/cavitation with standard prop, even in hard turns.  Have just over 3 hours on SHO.  We are leaving the boat in the ocean, since I am totally disabled, to make it easier to use.  Send a photo if you can.
  • OuterEdge
    OuterEdge Member Posts: 3
    Hello, This is my first post. I am trying to figure out what prop to use with my 2186 Fish sweet water. I have the 115 SHO 20" shaft. Dealer put on 13-1/2 x12  pitch prop and it bounces off Rev limiter with  2 people full of fuel. Has a top speed of 26.8 MPH. Went back to dealer and put on 13-1/2 x15 And rpms dropped to 5750 with 2 people and full of fuel and speed was 24.2 MPH  Anyone have any luck with The talon prop  14x13 Pitch or better? It also would blow out in corners or if I loaded all the fishing gear in the front.  Pontoon is 2021  model
    Please help 
    Thank you Josh
  • Kapili
    Kapili Member Posts: 14
    Howzit Josh,

    Is your boat a tritoon?

    I just received my new Talon SS4 13-1/4 x 16 4 blade (from PartsVu).  Based on the Godfrey website, my 2286SBX (pictured above) tritoon is heavier and longer than your 2186 F.  Evidentially, your boat is very sensitive to weight distribution, so you would want to keep fishing gear in the stern, especially with a 20" shaft.  In hard turns, my motor (25" shaft) does not blow out at all (4 people 3/4 fuel load).  The primary purpose of my boat is cruising (mostly), and maybe pulling tubes/waterskis. 

     I use both the Mercury Prop site and the Yamaha Prop Selector to determine which prop to buy. Might be willing to sell my Yamaha 13-5/8 x 14, once I replace it with the Talon SS4.

    I have yet to install the prop, but when I do will update everyone on results, Iʻve since removed the front bimini top (less drag).
  • OuterEdge
    OuterEdge Member Posts: 3
    Thank you. I don't mind spending the money on a stainless prop or the right one.  Please let me know how the ss  4 blade does. 
  • Kapili
    Kapili Member Posts: 14
    UPDATE:  5/1/21


    1) Godfrey 2286 SBX Sweetwater tritoon boat,

    2) Yamaha VF115 SHO,

    3) 4 people/30 gal gas,

    4) boat came with Yamaha 135/8 x 14 K series,

    5) tritoon ran 6450 rpm @26.6 mph (rpm range. 5500-6300).

    Hereʻs my update on the Talon SS4 13.25 X16 prop.  We did a sea trial on 5/1/21.  3 people on board 15 gal of gas: motor STRUGGLED to turn this prop:  4650 rpm @22mph.  Evidently, the boat is too heavy for this prop, since I lost 1800 rpm and 5 mph.  Be very careful when you switch from a 3 blade to a 4 blade, and increase  pitch by 2 ".  Mercury prop selector gave me:  SpitFire®    Mercalloy    4    13.4    15    RH.  The Talon prop was the closest I could get with a Yamaha prop in SS with SDS hub.

    Back to the drawing board for a 3 blade.

  • Kapili
    Kapili Member Posts: 14
    My saga continues: Just spoke with Ken from Prop Gods, and he recommended the Talon SS Pontoon prop 14 x 12, but this prop is on back order until August, however, Sim Yamaha had 1 Talon SS Pontoon 14 x 13 in stock, so I pulled the trigger. PartsVu was kind enough to give me a Return Authorization for the Talon SS4 13.25 x 16 (Praise the Lord!). Our intended use is mainly cruising (10-15 mph), and occasional tubing/waterskiing. Again, will update after prop arrives, and sea trial accomplished.
  • Kapili
    Kapili Member Posts: 14
    Sea Trials for Talon SS Pontoon 14 x 13 on 5/8/21, here are the results:

    2021 Godfrey 2286 SBX Tritoon;

    2020 VF115 SHO,

    Talon SS Pontoon 14 x 13P.

    Wind 20-25 mph (About 1-2ʻ seas),

    3 people,

    1/2 tank gas (15 gal),

    With trim into the wind: 5600 rpm @27 mph(GPS),

    Following sea, with trim: 5850 rpm@32mph.

    Time to plane about 1.5 seconds, great hole-shot, 

    Boat will turn with no sliding/cavitation @ WOT in a calm protected area.

    The Talon Pontoon prop really bites the water, ie: I went from 33% slippage to an unbelievable 4% slippage!