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canopy top speed

jhustins Member Posts: 2
In the online owners manual that is made for all Godfrey pontoons it states to not operate the boat at high speeds with the canopy up. What is considered high speed. My canopy has the aluminum canopy brackets. Thanks.


  • CraigModerator
    CraigModerator Member, Moderator Posts: 25
    As a general rule of thumb, it's best to put the bimini/canopy in the stowed position if you plan on going faster than reasonable cruising speeds, especially on windy days.  If it is too windy I won't even put it up.  If you have a full length canopy I definitely would not go faster than cruising speed.  Use your best judgement by observing the stress the top is experiencing while under way.   Cruising speed is when the boat comes on plane and you find a sweet spot the boat maintains easily, usually around the 25 MPH range for this discussion.  I'm sure there are owners out there that have tested the waters well beyond cruising speed.  What I state is a guideline.

    Some boats may have reinforced arches and sport tops that are designed to take the higher stress at faster speeds.

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