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mmorgan3741 Member Posts: 1
I have a 2019 Sweetwater Model# SW 2286-25. Need seat covers. Can't find any. Any suggestions? or playpen cover to fit.


  • CraigModerator
    CraigModerator Member, Moderator Posts: 25
    Godfrey makes seat covers for their pontoon boats going back to 2016 models.  You would need to go to a/your Godfrey dealer to get a price and order them.

    Your other option is to go to a local marine upholsterer to have them made. 
    The following is strictly my opinion and just sharing my experience,  My feeling is  it's not "if", it's "when" you will probably have to consider enlisting their services.  They can't be beat for quality of materials (you'll usually have a choice), fit and finish of the final product.  This not only goes for seat covers, but mooring and trailering boat covers (they can even design them to serve "both" purposes) not to mention upholstery repair and/or replacement (which usually occurs beyond the manufacturer time limit of keeping inventory of your year boat).  All too often I see boat owners hoping to find an off-the-shelf solutions for these kind of of things, usually with the perception of trying to save some money, and I used to be one of them........ 25 years ago!  .  Experience has educated me that you most often spend more money in the long run with off-the-shelf offerings (if they even exist) of this nature in that often the quality of materials don't hold up over time and are disappointed with less than satisfactory fit and performance.  Opinion over, do what you think it right for you!

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