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Propeller recommendations 2018 2286 dl Yamaha 150

dougman Member Posts: 2
I purchased a 2018 sweetwater 2286 dl with a yam aha 150.  looking for recommendations on prop upgrades/replacements.  current has a 15x15 amita 3 that runs well on it at close to max rpm.  wanting a second prop to replace it and keep as a spare. Thank you for advice.


  • CraigModerator
    CraigModerator Member, Moderator Posts: 25
    While you are waiting for other owners to respond, I just wanted to mention that Yamaha has a great propeller selector website that allows you to input certain criteria based on boat style and performance preference.  You can compare your current prop specs with what the selector comes up with.  Here's the website link:

    Rule of thumb is that you want the prop to allow the boat to reach the Wide Open Throttle (WOT) specification for your motor.  If that setup doesn't perform well (especially if you frequently engage in water sports and need better hole shot), then you can modify to get closer to your goal.

  • dgperaza
    dgperaza Member Posts: 11
    Happen to know where Yamaha stamps the prop size on one of their stainless props?
  • CraigModerator
    CraigModerator Member, Moderator Posts: 25
    One place I'm showing is on one of the ends