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Console Windshield for 2008 Sweetwater Tuscany 21'

Jevans22 Member Posts: 1
Any suggestions on where to find a windshield? Does anyone have the dimensions or part number of the windshield (i.e., LxW)? I found some possible windshields, but need to confirm it is the right fit. Thxs!


  • CraigModerator
    CraigModerator Member, Moderator Posts: 25
    Due to the age of your boat, Godfrey no longer can offer you a replacement.  Below is a vendor for replacement windshields that may be able to help you.

    Ocean Dynamics USA
    18377 N.E. 4TH COURT
    MIAMI, FLORIDA 33179
    TEL: 305-770-1800
    FAX: 305-770-0605
    Usually, the owner takes a picture of the current windshield, sends it to them and gets a quote.

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