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Correct prop for 115 Yamaha SHO 2186 Fish pontoon

Hello, This is my first post. I am trying to figure out what prop to use with my 2186 Fish sweet water. I have the 115 SHO 20" shaft. Dealer put on 13-1/2 x12  pitch prop and it bounces off Rev limiter with  2 people full of fuel. Has a top speed of 26.8 MPH. Went back to dealer and put on 13-1/2 x15 And rpms dropped to 5750 with 2 people and full of fuel and speed was 24.2 MPH  Anyone have any luck with The talon prop  14x13 Pitch or better? It also would blow out in corners or if I loaded all the fishing gear in the front.  Pontoon is 2021  model
Please help 
Thank you Josh


  • CraigModerator
    CraigModerator Member, Moderator Posts: 25
    While you are waiting for other owners to respond with their experience, you may want to take a look at the website Yamaha has to help in prop selection and compare with what you have.

    Here's a link to the site:

  • Kapili
    Kapili Member Posts: 14
    Sea Trials for Talon SS Pontoon 14 x 13 on 5/8/21, here are the results:

    2021 Godfrey 2286 SBX Tritoon;

    2020 VF115 SHO,

    Talon SS Pontoon 14 x 13P.

    Wind 20-25 mph (About 1-2ʻ seas),

    3 people,

    1/2 tank gas (15 gal),

    With trim into the wind: 5600 rpm @27 mph(GPS),

    Following sea, with trim: 5850 rpm@32mph.

    Time to plane about 1.5 seconds, great hole-shot, 

    Boat will turn with no sliding/cavitation @ WOT in a calm protected area.

    The Talon Pontoon prop really bites the water, ie: I went from 33% slippage to an unbelievable 4% slippage!

  • Kapili
    Kapili Member Posts: 14
    My sea trials (Kapili), were greatly affected by the wind.  It was my fault, as I was too anxious to try the new prop. 

    The Talon SS Pontoon 14 x 13P, in light wind conditions produced an undesirable result: 5850 rpm max@28 mph, my boat sits in saltwater with bottom paint on it.

    Talon SS Pontoon 14 x 12P has on backorder for 6+ months, now due to arrive in Feb. 2022, when it comes te SS Talon Pontoon SDS 14 X 13P will go on Ebay.  Hopefully I can spin the motor to at least 6000-6300 rpm. 
  • [Deleted User]
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    I know this is a year late but for anyone else looking for Yamaha props, here's a link to their site where they have several Godfrey and Hurricane models listed with recommendations.