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Best hoist for 2086 in 18" of water?

MotorBoatin Member Posts: 7

I am awaiting a 2013 Sweetwater 2086 (20') Pontoon.  In the meantime I am looking for a hoist.  I originally wanted one that I can add a canopy on but apparently my lakeshore of 18" is not deep enough for certain ones.  I was quoted $2,249 for a Craftlander 3,200 lbs holds up to a 22'.  I have a sandybottom on the northside of Oneida Lake in New York.  The water does not fluctuate a lot but can get pretty rough.  Any suggestions? or experiences of what not to get as well as what to get?  I have local dealers that sell Shoremaster, Shorestation, Craftlanders, maybe Hewitt, Northern Lights...