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Large transom splash at full throttle

I have a SW 235 Premium with a Mercury Pro sx 150. I recently installed a new Turning Point four blade prop. Last night I finally opened it up to full throttle and I had a large amount of water(bubble or splash) coming back into the boat from back. This has never happened to me before. I stopped and check the prop and no issues. Any suggestions on what could cause this?


  • ssanderson79
    ssanderson79 Member Posts: 3
    Put the old pro back on and now no issues. 
  • goodsport
    goodsport Member Posts: 2
    What diameter and pitch?
  • ssanderson79
    ssanderson79 Member Posts: 3
    Old prop is a 3 blade 16p 16d
    new prop is a 4 blade 15p 15b
    since this happened I have put the old prop back on and still have had some water splashing. Talked to the of the bigger local dealerships and they told me to check my motor height. He thought it might be caused from ventilation. The motor was in the middle position. I have now put it in the top hole. Only had it out once since I have lowered the motor height.  I am now thinking of trying a
    4 blade 17p 15d
    17 or 19p 14 d