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Bimini top sits at about 5' when stowed. Is there a way to have it ride higher than 6' feet or more?

ezridermn Member Posts: 1
I have a 2020 Sweetwater 2086 F. When the bimini top is in the stowed position it sits at about 5 feet (see pic of my pontoon below) and gets in the way when I try to fish off the back of the pontoon. Is there a way to raise the closed bimini up so when it is in the stowed position it sits up 6 feet or more?

There are three anchor points on my pontoon for the bimini. (see the pic for that too) It has always been positioned in the rear two anchor points since I got the pontoon. The front anchor point has always been empty. Is there a way to use the front anchor point to raise the bimini when it is in stowed position?

Sorry. This is probably something everyone knows, but I don't. Thanks for the help!


  • Chrisblanchard87
    Chrisblanchard87 Member Posts: 1
    Looks like you're using the trailering arms and not the rear support arms.  Use the taller ones and it should stow at roughly 6'.

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