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Anyone have a problem with the seat cushions

mdhred Member Posts: 3
Ours turn brown after boat has been covered we believe due to defective glue used when manufactured 


  • mdhred
    mdhred Member Posts: 3

  • mdhred
    mdhred Member Posts: 3
    This is what it looks like. Saw online it’s caused by defective glue in manufacturing. Not getting anywhere from Godfrey. 
  • greeneye
    greeneye Member Posts: 1
    I have the same issue and it looks like we have the same color configuration on our boat. I m going to contact Godfrey and I am really disappointed with this happening. Any advice?
  • starcast
    starcast Member Posts: 2
    Spray with mold control 
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] USAPosts: 0 admin
    This is not mold. It is a stain from excess heat that happens when the cover is on the seat. It can be from BPA, which is no longer used in canopy fabric, or other chemicals in the canopy fabric. Sometimes this will bleach out with sunlight and sometimes it does not. Try using a Mr. Clean magic eraser and some rubbing alcohol to clean it. What year is your boat?