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2022 updates Sweetwater cx

GDYSW133G122 Member Posts: 3
Just picked up a 2022, SW 1886 CX.
Ordered as a 2021, covid delayed , delivered as a 2022.

Fuel fill is off the back by the engine.
The tank clearly visible behind the engine with the fill tube.
Filling up at the station was not an issue, filler gun  up at head height.
Nice to  be able to see the fuel in the tank as it is filling.

Probably not much different than the side fill.

Not a lot of info so far on this  update.

I filled up before getting the bottom wet and dealer 5 gallons + my 10 gallons was just short of full.
So either this isn't 30 gallons or the dealer put more than 5 gallons in it.

The Yamaha  T50 is a nice quiet ride. Loving it so far.

Any other updates on the 2022 We should be aware of ?


  • NHLakeBoating
    NHLakeBoating Member Posts: 1

    I'd considered a 2086CX when I was at the New England Boat show in 2020 before everything blew up and with the obvious prices and shortages, I never got back to seriously looking for a new boat. 

    How have the Xperience models held up since being introduced?  Are people happy with them after a year or two of use?  I haven't seen a lot of feedback anywhere.


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