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Playpen Cover - 2012 Sweetwater 2086

RT0870 Member Posts: 1
Hello all!! New to the group

Anyone know where I can find an OEM playpen cover (Blue) for a 2012 Sweetwater 2086? Or even a part number that I could do a search for?  The tag on my existing cover is no longer legible.

The one we have is in great shape structurally, but the coloring is starting to "dust off". The boat stays covered while in the slip, so, every time we install/remove the cover, we are getting blue dust all over us, not to mention the furniture.

I've spoken to a few Godfrey dealers, and they said my cover is no longer available (understandable), but surely with little to no discernible change to the layout, I would think there would be a newer 2086 cover that would fit with minor need for modification.

I got a quote from a couple upholstery shops today, and they came in just under $1500.

(I snatched a pic from the 'net for reference)

Thanks in advance!!