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Ordering a new boat

I am planning to purchase/order a new Sweetwater 2086C within the next month or so.  My question is has anyone also purchased new within the past year and how long did it take from the time you placed your order through your dealer to the time you took delivery.  I am hoping I can have delivery by May 2022.


  • joelb113
    joelb113 Member Posts: 1
    I just ordered my Sweetwater 2486 SB on Tuesday and I was told by my Dealer that the boat would be built in December.  Once you put your deposit down that will lock in your slot for your build. 
  • GDYSW133G122
    GDYSW133G122 Member Posts: 3
    Ordered a 1886CX in March 2021, slotted for June, Built in July and received on July 29th. Shipped as a 2022.
    In all fairness, it was in the middle of a Pandemic. There was also a situation with supply chain in the TX area due to that unusually cold weather they had.
  • rjdj14
    rjdj14 Member Posts: 1
    Ordered a Monaco 235 SB in September 2021. Hoping to get it next month. I've been told they are having problems getting the foam for the seats. Hoping to hear something real soon. 
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] USAPosts: 0 admin
    Supply chain issues continue to plague the boating industry. One day it can be fuel lines, the next seat cushion foam or switches for the panel. Godfrey even ran into a situation where one of their fiberglass manufacturer's ran out of grey paint for their helms so they couldn't get grey helms for a week. My friends at Godfrey said everyday is a new adventure in the purchasing world.