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Battery charger hookup with dual battery Big Knob Switch

I have dual batteries with the factory big knob cut off switch that selects one, two, both, or off.  Do I need one  battery charger or two. If it’s one, then what is the proper way to hook up charger.  Thanks


  • GDYSW133G122
    GDYSW133G122 Member Posts: 3
    If you put the charger on one battery then with big red switch to off  or exclusively to either battery the charge will all go to that one battery that the charger is connected to. If you want to charge both then switch that big red switch to both. Just know that if both batteries are dead it will take twice as long to bring them back as the current will be split between the two batteries now. Chargers provide a constant current up to a voltage limit based on battery technology. Keep both batteries the same technology.

  • summerfun44
    summerfun44 Member Posts: 1
    If it's wired correctly, will the gauges peg right and stay right when I start my motor?