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2017 Sweetwater SB 2286 Engine Replacement

I have a 2017 2286 SB Sweetwater with a 70hp Yamaha. Boat is rated for 150hp (on placard). Anyone know if Godfrey offers a package to upgrade or is this a DIY thing? I have a shop (welding, manufacturing, etc) - and have been building engines & tooling for 35+ years but want to do this as a a Godfrey-"approved" upgrade (not looking to overpower the hull). Want to go as high as I can, not sure whether to trust the 150hp or go with something smaller. One major problem is size of the fuel tank - can't get too far from fuel source (marina or gas station) with the current 70hp so bigger engine will have that problem too. Have owned outboards and I/Os most of my life, this is my first pontoon. Input appreciated.


  • Kapili
    Kapili Member Posts: 14
    I have a 2020 2286 SB Sweetwater Tritoon with a VF115 SHO (approx 126 hp) Yamaha outboard.  I am very happy with the speed/power/ride; 28-30 mph, with a 14 x 13 .  But with this prop, I can only get 5850 max rpm. However, the holeshot is awesome.

    A 14 x12 has been on backorder for 6+months, I expect lower 30mph, and even a better holeshot, with the new prop now scheduled to be delivered in February 2022.
    My boat sits at my dock in saltwater, and with a full tank of gas (30 gals), just the base part (bullet front edge) of the prop will touch the water at full tilt. 

    IMO, a F150 would burn more gas, sit lower in the water, and maybe get the boat into mid to high 30 mph, which is not important to me.  The boat has enough power to pull a slalom skier and multiple tubes.

    If you went with a F150, you would definitely burn more gas, and probable need to carry extra gas with you,  Personally, I would repower your boat with a VF115 SHO, you will be pleasantly surprised, and save money on fuel, cost of engine, et al. The only advantage for getting the F150, is if you need/want the extra speed, or pulling power.

    This is a DIY thing; since the boat is US Coast Guard rated @150 HP max. as you have many years of experience with engines/tooling, which is what I would do, buy the engine and install it yourself.

    Merry Christmas, and Aloha from Hawaii.

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