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2017 Sweetwater SB 2286 Engine Replacement

I have a 2017 2286 SB Sweetwater with a 70hp Yamaha. Boat is rated for 150hp (on placard). Anyone know if Godfrey offers a package to upgrade or is this a DIY thing? I have a shop (welding, manufacturing, etc) - and have been building engines & tooling for 35+ years but want to do this as a a Godfrey-"approved" upgrade (not looking to overpower the hull). Want to go as high as I can, not sure whether to trust the 150hp or go with something smaller. One major problem is size of the fuel tank - can't get too far from fuel source (marina or gas station) with the current 70hp so bigger engine will have that problem too. Have owned outboards and I/Os most of my life, this is my first pontoon. Input appreciated.
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