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Lifting using Pontoon Eyes

jcohran Member Posts: 1
I have a 2021 Sweetwater 2486 (Tritoon) with a Yamaha 200.

I'm building a new dock that's in a shallow cove.  The slip will be in about 2ft of water and I'm concerned that I may not have enough clearance for a traditionally lift with a bottom support with bunks.

I thought about rigging a lift to attach the lift cables to the forward and aft eyes on the pontoon and lift it from there.

1. Does anyone have a set-up like this?
2. Are the eyes strong enough to support the boat over a long period of time?
3. Does the middle toon need to be supported in the lift too?

Thanks for the help!

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    I would not recommend this at all. The transom should be supported at both corners under the pontoons. The eyes are not meant to hold the weight of the boat. They are for short distance winching, to assist at the end stage of the trailering process. 

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