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2022 Monaco Tritoon engine height

dhughes Member Posts: 1
Hello, I just purchased a 2022 Monaco with the 200 Suzuki with 6x16x20 prop. The boat empty with me 200 lbs and 40 gal of gas will run 43mph at 6000 rpms. engine is currently 3rd hole from the top. with 7 people the boat runs about 31mph at 5100 rpms. im thinking the engine needs to be moved up some or i need to go to a 3x16x19 prop. any one have any input on the engine height for my tritoon?


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    The engine should be mounted in hole 3 so that is correct. The speed and RPMs look correct too, 43 @ 6000. You could drop to hole 4 to see if that counters the load. 

    If you add a thousand pounds of weight to your pontoon with passengers and gear, then you could expect to lose 15% of your speed.

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