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Vinyl Cup Holder Cutout Problems

We just received our brand new Monaco 23’ Tritoon. Upon delivery we noticed several (7) rough vinyl cutouts sticking out around the cup holder inserts. We are wondering if there is some sort of trim piece missing or if this is just a pretty significant quality control issue? 


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    I would say that's what you get when you can't find people to work so you hire a crackhead and then don't even show them how to do the job.  Terrible.  
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    Please let us know what profession you know of where there are ZERO mistakes made. I am not aware of anything man made that is perfect. 

    As for your question @5GsHappyPlace the holes were cut to large by our production personnel. These are supposed to be pre-cut from our furniture vendor but sometimes they miss them and instead of sending them back and waiting 4-6 weeks for a replacement, our people will cut the hole. They do make mistakes, as evident in your boat, as this is not a normal procedure for them. They are doing this to try and save the boat rather than having to shelf the boat until the correct arm rests come back. Anyway, you will want to contact your Godfrey dealer and give them the HIN of your boat and send them these pictures. They will request replacement with our warranty department. These will take 4-6 weeks to get in but in the meantime you can still use your boat and these can be replaced at the end of the boating season. We apologize for the mistake but feel confident your dealer can get this resolved efficiently and to your satisfaction. 
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    Regarding the private message sent to me:
    Oversensitive much?  I made that statement because I work in manufacturing.  We cannot find people who want to work.  We've hired production people that have literally worked one quarter day and then left, and it is not a bad paying job. We've seriously bussed in people from halfway houses to get production workers.  Furthermore, because of the turnover rate people are not getting trained sufficiently so a higher and higher amount of product goes straight to rework. 

    Maybe... Ok probably... I could have put that better but I figured anyone who has followed US manufacturing ESPECIALLY since the pandemic could relate.

    Now, the question is... How did that even get out the door?  I've never seen vinyl cut for an insert without doing a pie type cut and leaving the flaps.  Trust me, I know perfection isn't attainable.  My 2017 Sweetwater was received new missing two of the pontoon plugs on top, two speakers not working, a handful of fencing bolts not tightened, the tow bar bolts could be spun by hand.  In a situation like this though if there's a nonconformance that has to be released to the end user, it creates a little more goodwill to notify the end user at delivery and let them know it'll be corrected, not let them find it themselves.