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Replace green nav bulb on 2014 Aqua Patio? Remove entire light?

Jimvanbe Member Posts: 2
I realized I have a green nav light out on our 2014 AquaPatio.  Additonally, have moisture behind the lens at all times on both port and starboard sides.  (Both contain the docking lights).  I don't have an Owners Manual and haven't been able to find one for that year.  Wondering if anyone has diagrams for removal or other suggestions.  Appears entire light assembly needs to be removed?  


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] USAPosts: 0 admin
    Is this light inside the rail?
  • Jimvanbe
    Jimvanbe Member Posts: 2
    No, not in the side rail.  It is a cast housing that are anchored to the port and starboard sides of the boat.  
  • CaptainCharlie
    CaptainCharlie Member Posts: 6
    I've got a 2014 Aqua Patio and had a docking light go out. It's not that hard to remove, just time consuming. There are two small nuts and bolts that need to be removed from both sides. There are also two large lock nuts that need to be removed that hold the collapsible cleat on. Those are underneath the deck. The two ports where the cleat drops down should have round black protectors on them and they simply pull off. One screw that removes holds the light wiring on and it should come off. Inside you'll find like 8 screws that hold metal pieces on top and bottom that have to be removed. Once you've done all that you can see the nav light that needs replacing. I then seal everything with 3M 5200 before putting it back together. And a little CRC to protect the electrical connections. 

    Good luck!