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2009 Sanpan only horn works

having issues on a 2009 Sanpan 22, the master switch is lighting and has power, the relays are all in and not tripped, the only switch on the panel is the horn that works, dock lights, interior lights, navigation lights and others are not working, 

not seeing a way to access the inside other than thro the cup holder above master and thats limited access due to hole opening, 

the manufacturer says no electric diagram is available and dealer wants to remove console, anyone had this issue? Im thinking a connector has separated but looking for ideas, there was a couple having the same issue back in 2015 but no follow up was given as to findings

anyone have a electrical diagram, information where this is all connected, I assume from the master it powers a buzz bar to the breakers then individually to the switches but there seems a lot of wires there, the console such as tach, fuel gauge, voltmeter all work as they should

any feedback would be appreciated


  • laurencen
    laurencen Member Posts: 7
    here is a update, figured I would get one reply but this is what I found, the harness has 2 power lines from the battery , they go to the  thro a 12voly relay to the manual relay bank.

    one feed 12volt wire hanging, turns out the crimp was not crimped on the connector, found 8 others that the crimped wire came out with just a slight pull, I went over all connections and re crimped connectors.

    still no power to relay panel so checked the 2 12volt relays, they clicked but nothing for output, replaced both and everything works, now the reason they failed, the drink holder above the main power switch has a drain tube from it to below the floor but the left cup holder, the compartment above radio has a drain but no tube, the one above the radio is directly above the relays and the way they hang water drips right into them, the connectors were corroded and water inside the relays.

    fix was replace relays, crimp connectors and run 2 drain tubes from the right cup holder and storage compartment

    hope this helps other owners
  • laurencen
    laurencen Member Posts: 7
    shouls mention, the power for the horn is not thro these relays, its direct from the power switch

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