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Every year issue! Also, warranty conflict items covered or not?

Purchased late summer of 2016.
Had electrical issues every year with lighting, horn, radio. Then broken seat hinges, ( low quality light weight aluminum). Bent hinges, dealer couldn't locate replacements but sold me something else that also broke. Thought this was a warranty item but still paid!  Front starboard side back rest cusion on the lounge has been worn and discolored since 2020. Dealer said no warranty yet now I see a 19 year warranty! ????
Now, all accessory lighting, radio,  navigation, garmen, etc stopped working again! Replaced a wire harness last year butcout again, apparently. Replaced a 25 Amp fuse near the motor but didn't see any difference. At first everything comes on. After 5 min of running everything goes out again! Frustrating!
Any thoughts or ideas please? I have another appointment next month to bring it back again fir electrical issues. Hinges, fabric and winterizing! Why a warranty if I still pay and have issues every year!
Love the boat! Hate the problems! Selling so I can buy a 420 merridan flybridge or carver and travel port to port! Retired now.
Your input is appreciated!


  • pvtcable
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    Aqua Patio entertainment series 26 ft
  • laurencen
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    see my issue earlier re power, not sure your pontoon but mine had a couple issues, many wire crimps were not fully crimped also the cup holder drain had no tube to divert water under boat instead it dripped on the 2 relays from the master switch, water entered the relays and corroded them

    several years previous it was at the dealer for warranty and they never resolved the issue