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What is my official boat model?

theringnebula Member Posts: 1
I purchased a used Godfrey pontoon boat. The HIN is GDY1675C1899. I'm told the year is 1999 and the marking on the boat say Sweetwater 20RE. I'm trying to find a cover for the boat but there is no model that matches that so I'm thinking that is not the full model name. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


  • sdreffs
    sdreffs Member Posts: 2

    HINs By The Numbers

    A typical hull identification number (HIN) consists of 12 letters and numbers, as in ABC12345D404.

    Here's what the letters and numbers mean:

    ABC: This is the U.S. Coast Guard-assigned manufacturer identification code (MIC). Go to the USCG Manufacturers Indentification page to access the Coast Guard's MIC database.

    12345: This is the serial number assigned to the hull by the manufacturer. This may be a combination of letters and numbers. The letters "I," "O," and "Q" are excluded because they could be mistaken for numbers.

    D: This is the month of certification, indicating the month in which construction began. "A" represents January and "L" represents December. In our example, "D" means April.

    4: This is the year of certification. The number is the last digit of the year in which the boat was built. "4" in this case designates 2004.

    04: This indicates the boat's model year.

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