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Terrible customer service

sdreffs Member Posts: 2
What has everyone's experience been with the Godfrey dealership customer service? I bought a brand new 2022 Godfrey Monaco 25' with 300hp Mercury and I have had nothing but trouble with Russell Marine dealership in Alexander City AL. I didn't receive my registration stickers for almost 2 weeks, couldn't drive boat after we purchased. We wanted to add extended warranty for seats and motor, no one would contact us back. We didn't buy a trailer because we live on a lake but were told if there was a service (warranty issue) they would pick up. It took almost a month to have it scheduled. They came a day before the schedule date, and I was not home and didn't have time to remove the covers. So, when they returned the boat 6 weeks after they took it for an overheat issue, they "misplaced" all of our seat covers. And the main front door was dented when returned. Now they claim they cannot find the seat covers and asked if we were sure we didn't misplace them ourselves!! I now regret not purchasing a Bennington, I made a huge mistake, but maybe this one will get traded in on a Bennington, I heard they have much better service.