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s_norton54 Member Posts: 2
Bought a Sweetwater 2086 C with 27" pontoons in the beginning of June. Was excited to get it home and when I did I gave myself a full tour of my new boat and took picture to send my wife because she was out of town. While looking at all the features of the boat I found a small hole in the fabric and a crack in the weld of the fencing not a supporting piece. I informed my dealer of these issues and they insured me they could be taken care of and there was no problems. Later on another occasion I discovered the running g lights on the trailer were not working. The blinker and brake lights worked but the parking or running g lights did not. I did not notice this before in the daytime hours but as dusk approached and my headlights came on the running lights did not. I then started inspecting the lights and wiring and came across the trailer specification placard. The placard indicated it had a max capacity of of 2075 lbs and this seemed low to me because when I was looking at different boats in the spring I seemed to remember the weight of the boat being close to that if not more. So I then went to Godfrey website to look up the specs for my boat and confirmed my boats wet weight is 2180 lbs. I know this may seem minor but it is over capacity non the less. Then add my 20 lb anchor and Watersports gear and air pump, life jackets, and fenders and safety equipment then it adds up. I brought this to my dealers attention and he ensured me that it would be fine and that he spoke with his Godfrey rep and they said it will be fine and the Godfrey rep would talk to me if I wish. So I accepted the offer to talk to the Godfrey rep that I have no way to confirm is in fact a rep and he ensured me that it would be fine and safe and that my boat would weight less than 2075 lbs if I took it off and weighed it. I asked if the information from Godfrey was inaccurate and he became rude and informed me he has sold thousands of boats in this configuration and nobody has had a issue other than me so I am the problem and I'm over thinking it. I agreed yes maybe nothing will happen but what if something does and someone gets hurt or there is property damage what is the liability when I have a trailer rated to carry 2075 lbs and a boat with listed weight of 2180 lbs and that doesn't even inude gear. The rep then got abrupt with me and said well thats between you and your dealer and you can pay for a upgraded trailer I have to go attend to someone in a nursing home. That was the end of the conversation. My dealer has quoted me a additional $1900 for the upgraded trailer that should have been mTchsd to my boat in the first place. 


  • s_norton54
    s_norton54 Member Posts: 2
    Update: My dealer has contacted me back and is going to swap out trailers with a new single axle trailer that is same length but has higher load tires and brakes and a load capacity of 2700 lbs. The trailer is a $1200 upgrade but they are going to split the cost. 

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