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Gas cap for 2013 Godfrey Sweetwater

JH22 Member Posts: 2
Looking for a gas cap for a 2013 godfrey sweetwater poontoon.  It is a side mount.  A dealer couldn't get the part from Godfrey but said it was originally a Perko?  I'll take anything that works.  Thanks!


  • Captain_Engstrom
    Captain_Engstrom Member Posts: 1
    What worked? I need one for my 2013 Sweetwater.  Thanks!!! 
  • EasyMarina
    EasyMarina Member Posts: 1
    edited July 12

    Perko 0662DPG99B EPA Compliant Sealed Replacement Cap with VPR.  It's not identical, but it fits and is correct as far as I can tell.  Nylon leash instead of beaded chain.  just bought one for mine arrived today.