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Sweetwater 2086C Not Level

altadog Member Posts: 1
My new 2086C with Yamaha 150, 45 gallon tank and 27" center tube doesn't sit level at the dock.  With a 3/4 full tank, nobody on board, the boat is 4.5 degrees off level, putting the back end 11 inches lower than the front (water line to top of deck).  This puts the water separator slightly in the water.  The dealer's service department says this is normal.  It doesn't look normal.  Comments?  Suggestions?


  • PuddlePirate
    PuddlePirate Member Posts: 3
    I know that you have the larger 27" pontoons on your rig. But a 150 HP on a 2086C is a lot of weight for that frame. For instance, if you have the standard 25" pontoons the rating is only 90 HP. Weight could be your issue here. 

  • home2pws
    home2pws Member Posts: 1
    The largest motor recommended for our 2086FC is 115. We have a 90. The boat still sits lower in the rear, and it should. They will not sit level