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NAV and ANC lights keep turning off

Hello All,  I have a 2021 Sweetwater 2286SFL and I am having an issue with the NAV/ANC switch.
When i turn it on to either position, it turns on for a sec then clicks off and keeps repeating this process.  occasionally the fuse button may pop and need a reset.   Im not sure if i should be checking the switch, fuse or possibly a ground..   If it is a ground issue, i am thinking it may be the ANCHOR light sint it happens on both switch positions. 

I would love to get some insight from you experts as well as a wiring diagram for my boat. 


  • Schmaltz
    Schmaltz Member Posts: 2
    Lenny had the same problem with my sweet water. Took me a while but finally chased it down to when they drilled the holes in your right hand  side of your railing just about beside your captains chair. They ran the wires for your canopy’s back white light inside the square tube railing over a ways and then straight down through the deck. Problem was when they drilled the holes in the square tubing they didn’t bother to suck or blow the aluminum shavings out. Where your wire goes through the deck the shavings drop down and break down the insulation and short the wires out. I had to unbolt a bunch of the side railing and lift it up and try to pull some slack in the wire so I could fix it. They should have drilled bigger holes in the square tubing and blown out all the shavings or run a conduit and pulled the wire though.

    Anyone have any issues with water spraying way up the side of my 150 Mec hood when going 3/4 to full throttle across the lake?
    They should have run the find off the middle pontoon all the way back like they did on the Benningtons.
  • LennyC
    LennyC Member Posts: 3
    Hey Schmaltz, welp you are right but my issue was where the anchor light was on the canopy.  There is a small groove that the wire should feed into and somehow that got caught in the swivel joint for the light post and got chewed up.   I pulled it apart and soldered in a new line with some shrink tubing and she’s as good as new.   I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.   Now onto my next project for the boat ;)

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