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loud warning bell followed by engine shudder

F5TROYNH Member Posts: 2
in Q&A
have a 2022 Sweetwater SBX with Yamaha 150hp.  GDY64344L122.  low hours (50.5).  took it out for a spin for the first time this season.  started flawlessly.  we moved at low rpm through a cove for a few minutes.  then suddenly, this loud, alarm bell, starts.  It's a continuous shrill sound coming from sounded like the throttle control area.  no warning lights or indicators to explain what it was.  only way to stop it was to kill the engine.  restarted, and after a few minutes, same sound begins again.  this time we noticed when we tried to accelerate beyond no wake speed, the engine would shudder until we backed off.  could this be bad gas?  fuel filter?  i looked in owner's manual and found no reference to this alarm bell sound.  any help would be appreciated.   it's practically new.