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2008 Sweetwater 2086 onboard gas tank pickup tube

BigLakeMo Member Posts: 1
Not getting gas to the engine.  Maybe traced a problem getting gas to the engine from the gas tank pickup tube.  The tube is the one with the coiled wire in it.  I can get it up, but not all the way out.  There seems to be, maybe, a filter/screen or ???  on the bottom that will not allow for full removal.  How does one test this pickup tube to see if it is blocked or plugged?  Will not allow any blowing from the top to the bottom of the pickup tube.  Do not have any way to put a suction on it as in trying to get fuel out.   Any help would be appreciated!   TYVM


  • gonfishin
    gonfishin Member Posts: 2
    Hi BigLakeMo...
    Having similar problem not getting enough fuel to engine, replace evedrything outside of tank and still have problems.. have not tried to open the tank and look at the pickup... did you figure anything out?

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