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We've totally enjoyed our boat these past two summers. Never thought we'd get into boating, but this thing has been awesome. The whole family (4 adult sons, wives, grand kids) loves it and we go out nearly every weekend.
At the end of this season, we had some annoying algae growth on the tunes that we had to have "acid washed" in order to remove. The dealer suggested painting the tunes with a special primer and paint that costs $800. Has anyone had good (or bad) experience with doing this?


  • barlowmi
    barlowmi Member Posts: 2
    The alge on the Pontoons is common with any boat. They sit in the water and develop alge or discoloring depending on how clean the lake environment is. I keep mine clean by using a wash shammy and when at the sand bar will go around the boat and give them a quick qipe down while in the water. This can also be easily done in deeper water by swimming around the boat and wiping the under side of the pontoons while in the water. Just common boat care if you ask me. I keep my '09 in immaculate shape and it still looks as good as the day the marina delivered it.
    End of each season I do have them acid washed/ brightened. Expect this maintenance. Its a boat and requires cleaning just like oyur car.
    I love mine. Best purchase next to my BMW. lol

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