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Sweetwater 2086 - where to mount a flag pole?

ROUGHNIT Member Posts: 2
We recently purchased a 2013 Sweetwater 2086 and loving it! We would love to display an American Flag any suggestions on where to place a flag pole mount? I don't think the pontoon mount like Overton's sells would work, because of our boat cover. Thanks!


    ROUGHNIT Member Posts: 2
    This is ROUGHNIT - I do not want to mount to stern light, then I would have to leave it on all the time. I would like to find something to mount on the tow bar, because I never use it to tow anyone and would be an ideal place, but all the mounts are 1 1/4 and I need 1 1/2 inch!
  • mreddyspag
    mreddyspag Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    I mounted a flag pole to the deck centered just behind the playpen.  It's nothing more than a regular kit from Wal*Mart like you would buy for your house.  The 3 x 5 ft flag is too big so I ordered a 2 x 3 ft.  One thumb screw and I can remove the pole for storage.