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2005 Aqua Patio 220RE prop

vtwep Member Posts: 2

Have a vibration and motor seems a little "rough" in the 1500-2500 RPM range.  We just replaced the plugs that solved a previous issue that has now gone away due to the new plugs.  We are new to the boating world.  Some folks have suggested it may be that the prop is dinged up a little bit and throws it off balance in that RPM range.  So we're looking to replace the prop and see if that fixes the issue.  If not, we'll take the next steps in troubleshooting (the prop looks a little dinged up, so won't hurt to replace even if that's not the overall issue).

My question is what is the best prop size for this model?  It's a Yamaha 115HP 4-stroke and our primary use is just carrying people around on cruises around the lake, etc.  We currently have a 3-blade, and I'm not at the house right now so I can't remove the old prop to see what size it is.

Our current prop gets the engine to around 5300-5400 RPM at full throttle.  I've been told that should be closer to 6,000?

Any suggestions on what size prop I should be looking into for this boat/motor?