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Aqua Patio Seat Damage

RAPearson Member Posts: 1
We have severe damage to our 2005 Aqua Patio Pontoon Boat.  This just happened this year.  The boat is only out in the lake for 4 months a year and stored inside the rest of the year.  The black boat cover is the initial cause and gets worse sitting in the sun.  Any advise??? Anyone else have this problem?  Where do we get replacement seats?


  • dodger
    dodger Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    ugh what a bummer.  You could try the company but you would probably have to take it there.  The seats can be recovered by most any boat and automotive upholstery shop.  A boat dealer should be able to help as they have warrenty and repair work done.  it isn't going to be cheap either way.  Otherwise Overtons does sell replacement furniture, but I would go the upholstery recovering first.

    We have been using the Areospace 303 protectant every couple of months, ours is under a canopy on a lift so is fairly protected.  The furniture is still soft and looks like new 5 years later.

    Do you have vents in the top of the cover and are they open to let out the hot air?  Maybe leave a door open for ventilation as well.  

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