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Replacement Bimini Cover SP 2500FE

comeauce Member Posts: 1
Where is the best place to purchase a replacement bimini cover and boot that matches the original bimini cover and boot?  I have a 2007 Sanpan 2500FE that needs a new canvas and boot.


  • porkpie
    porkpie Member Posts: 4
    That's a great question. I've been diligently searching for months to replace a SanPan canvas. My local canvas guy turned out to be the best solution. Custom cut, fit, and sewn with Sunbrella material was $525 + $75 for the boot. Of course the boot doesn't have the SanPan logo. Almost no one wants to sell you canvas only. Every boater supply online wants to sell you the whole frame and cover. The aftermarket frames are rarely as sturdy as the original. I suggest you try to keep it.
  • buckguy
    buckguy Member Posts: 1
    Not sure where you are located but here in the Portage Lakes (Akron OH) there are several long-time reputable custom canvas shops where they will fabricate made-to-match covers, tops, upholstery etc.  My experience is that their work is frequently better than OEM.