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Sweetwater toon vs. tri and strakes question

CaptDan Member Posts: 2
I'm really happy to find this site, there is a wealth of information here.

We have owned a 20' pontoon for four years now and have thoroughly enjoyed it and we are now ready to upgrade. We boat solely in salt water with lots of shallows and the ability to be very rough.

I was sold on going to a 22-24' triton with a 150 for our next boat and saw a Sweetwater at a freshwater boat show and it had a perfect layout for our use, plus it seems to be a great value.

Here is where my confusion starts. We visited the Sweetwater dealer near where we boat and he said that unless you go greater than 200hp that tritons are unnecessary. They set up most of their boats with 27" toons and he said it would float higher and run shallower than a 25" triton.

Thoughts on that?

One other thing... I noticed that their running strakes run from the bow to about two-thirds of the way aft instead of all the way like many boats are set up. I asked about it and he told me that the boats were getting too much lift and were blowing out the props, and they were weight sensitive. By cutting them down they ride more bow high now. The dealer worked with Sweetwater on this and now Sweetwater does all their boats that way -- so they claim.

Is this accurate?


  • tjh23067
    tjh23067 Member Posts: 0

    I bought 22ft sweetwater tritoon with a 115 last year . It runs about 35mph and seems more stable than a regular pontoon.

  • Lonestar09
    Lonestar09 Member Posts: 3
    I have a Sweetwater 220dl with 27" toons. no lifting strakes. A 115 yamaha with 20" shaft. I think the shaft is too short as it is. They want to weld lifting strakes on my boat but not change to the longer 25" shaft that I inquired about before boat was built. If it is too short already.... it just seems like it would get worse with the boat being lifted more. The boat runs fine with one or two people, but with 4-6, the prop comes out of the water. Not happy with it.