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Bunk boards for Tritoon on cable lift

mikedorris Member Posts: 1
We recently purchased a 2286 sweetwater triton with a 150 hp engine.  Our dock has a 4,500 pound cable lift, which is currently configured for a V-hull boat.  What style of bunk boards will we need for the tritoon and would the center toon need support too.  We were told that bunk boards are not necessary and the tritoon would set well upon the four inch wide I-beams on the lift.  Your recommendations are appreciated.


  • ToddHabs
    ToddHabs Member Posts: 4

    My friend just used 2 bunk board 2x12 stilt-type. He sits his 24ft. JC tri-toon on it just fine.  I don't have the V-hull rack on my Shorestation but use 2 bunk board 2x12 rack for my 2286 tri-toon.
  • tarheel
    tarheel Member Posts: 15 ✭✭
    i was told by our local boat lift company you should support all 3 toons.  They offer a kit to attach and we used 2x6x12.  Total of 6 of them with 6 mounts.  I removed the V-hull beams from our prior bowrider.  Our boat is 27' tritoon so 2x4 should work for your needs.