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Warranty works at godfrey

crusso505 Member Posts: 2
I'm sorry to say that my new sweetwater pontoon boat arrived with numerous production and QA Problems. I did contact several godfrey departments with accompanying photos and was assured that the problems would be fixed through the dealer and them. I am now happy to write that all problems were rectified to my satisfaction. It is just unfortunate that this boat was allowed to leave the factory in it his condition but I believe godfrey learned a good lesson and increased their QA inspection measures.


  • JimmyC
    JimmyC Member Posts: 1
    Sorry to hear about your problems. I am looking at a new Sweetwater 240. I took the boat I was interested in out on a sea trial and noticed a few problem as well. Trim indicator was way off and with the motor full down it indicated only 1/2 -3/4 down and there was also an electrical issue with the led swim lights being shorted out and popping breakers. I also had some areas where the side skin was pulling away from the fencing. All of these will be fixed before I take possession but it was sad to see these problems on a new boat. Makes me wonder what else would be could be wrong. 

    What kind of problems did you experience?

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